Maruti Alto is a better offering now


The new Maruti Alto has been a sensation since its launch and rather well received. Maruti’s credentials in making low-cost cars are impressive but the most important thing is managing the price. With the new Maruti Suzuki Alto, the brand has done its job very well. The new car looks significantly different and is priced extremely well to reach the audiences who have been previously barred from enjoying a long drive in a car.

Maruti Suzuki Alto

1. Specifications and the interior design
The company has done a really commendable job with the new Alto’s styling by providing it with new single body panel. The slim grille has been transformed to look sporty, and the large air intake in the bumper, the high-mounted, petal-shaped headlights etc. look modern, resembling that of the Ford Figo.
The prominent crease adds to the sporty feel and provides the car a tipped-forward stance. However, the stylistic element has swallowed the rear glass area. Fresh new add-ons such as sharply sculpted bumper and large multi-element tail-lights add some much needed spice at the rear end. But the massive ground clearance which just doesn’t sit well with the car’s compact dimensions looks a little awkward.

Alto Interior
Following the market feedback, the maker of the new Alto styled the car on the conservative side as the Hyundai Eon was not up to the mark of the buyers’ budget. The car maker has played it safe in terms of both styling and budget of the car.
The floor plan is not different nor the wheelbase, while the brakes and suspensions are near identical to the existing version. The H point of the seat and the load point on the chassis are also same. However, the engine bay is more compact and the firewall and dash have been a little optimized to transform the cabin into a spacious room. Users can enjoy improved headroom as roof is now 15 percent higher. More stiffness has been added by modifying the body structure which also provides improved ride and handling. The modification also qualifies it for impending crash test norms. Weight is not much affected as the roof is made of thinner steel with corrugations for enhanced rigidity.

2. The new improved interiors
While the dashboard is completely new, the curvy design and vibrantly colored seat fabric make a wonderful ambience. However, the modifications couldn’t change the Alto 800’s cabin which doesn’t have the same air of quality that the Hyundai Eon is known for. Sitting in the car is too simple and coming in and out is quite a chore. The front seat is comfortable but without enough under-thigh support and also seat bolstering is not that much impressive as you tend to get thrown around while driving enthusiastically.

 maruti alto interiors
The slim front seats offer more knee-room for rear passengers and the big cubby and bottle holder ahead of the gearlever is quite innovative. The shelf above the glovebox is pretty useful for the users and also the boot is decent for the compact car.
The car is pretty well-equipped now and you have standard stuff like CD/MP3 player, power steering, air-conditioning, and also front power windows. However, a few glaring omissions like left rear-view mirror, central locking and day-night mirror which is also eventual with the Nano.

3. Engine performance and fuel efficiency
Torque, compression ratio and engine power all have been improved in the newer version of the Maruti Alto. Performance figure is eye-catching in the new version where a flat-out sprint to 100kph takes a very impressive 16.92sec, 3.5sec faster than the old engine. The car has the power to reach a respectable top speed of 141kph. In-gear acceleration has also been made superior and the 20-80kph now takes 13.16sec, while the 40-100kph takes 22.29sec, quicker than the old 796cc engine. Low piston friction rings increase the engine life.
Talking to the fuel efficiency, we can assume that the new engine is great with light kerb weight and efficient engine. It is designed to offer 13.3kpl in the city and a decent 17.8kpl on the highway. This gives the new Maruti Alto a very respectable range of 540km on a full tank.

4. Discussing the price
The base Alto 800 has been priced Rs 2.44 lakh while the most expensive Alto 800 LXi has been registered at Rs 2.99 lakh.

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