Ford Fiesta : A deeper Look


Ford Fiesta REVIEW


The Ford Fiesta is progression from the old Ford Icon. The new Ford Fiesta is very different from the old car. The old Ford icon had not received many accolades; however from the little few that it did receive it was due to the old name of Ford Motors attached to it. Even the Fiesta has been criticised for being pricey for the features it comprises of and is said to be tough to handle.

Ford Fiesta Review

This new Ford Fiesta is built on a completely new platform and intends to target the women and youngster audiences, the more motivated kinds.  Here are a few specifications that will help you resolve whether you should or should not purchase it.


The Ford Fiesta is known for its quick pick and acceleration making it a fast car. The car reaches 100 Km/hour at 12.2 seconds for the petrol variant and 13.7 seconds for the diesel variety. This speed and power is much better than that of the other competitors.  It is powered at 109PS power at 6045 rpm with a supreme torque of 140Nm at 4500 rpmwhereas the diesel car is powered at 1498 cc diesel version with a TDCi engine conveys 90bhp at 3750. This is much higher than the power stance of the old Ford Classic.

The car being targeted at a different and striving audience is available in subtle professional but impactful shades of diamond white, panther black, chill metallic, squeeze, sea grey, and the brighter kinetic blue. The colour options make it more appealing to a wider section of the target audience.

The exteriors of the fiesta offer a totally different feel.  Considering the changes in the market models in the mid-segment cars the Fiesta too changed itself. The car looks more sporty and sturdy now. It has rounded edges with ample headlight and fog lamps while the front grille and bumpers are comfortably placed to accommodate the reverse sensors and the inbuilt stop reflectors. The interiors on the other hand rotate around a central premise of the central console that houses the buttons for the most of the car functions including the Electric Power Assist Steering System (EPAS),  an  audio player for CD, MP3, AM, FM Radioand 6 other speakers attached in the front and rear seats for surround sound. The car is spacious, offering enough leg room and head room. Safety and other security features of the car are in place with the Anti-Braking Lock system, keyless entry, passenger airbags and the driver airbags.

The car has full 15 inch alloy wheel that offers an anti-slipping technology for an easy ride. The look of the interiors is rather stylish with classic doors and wide spaced windows for full view. It is available with window tints and without them as well.

Price and Affordability

This car was expected to be priced much lesser considering the competition of the same segment of cars in the market. The Ford Fiesta is priced between Rs. 7 Lakhs to Rs. 11 Lakhs.

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