Display style while going green with new Mahindra E2o



It is an electric car brought into existence by the Mahindra Reva Electric Car Company. Though it is a big invention but the question is if India is ready for this new launch? Mahindra E2o is, however, gaining new place in the industry. The war over petrol or diesel car will see a hold as the battery powered car is ready to give you a break from ever-rising fuel cost.

Mahindra E2o Review

Features and specifications

This new battery powered car is the newer version of the Reva and the same guys have updated the machinery to add more power to the vehicle and have launched their invention by the name of E2o. The great vehicle is made at the state-of-the-art manufacturing unit of Mahindra (Bangalore).

The vehicle is being powered by lithium ion battery and it can go for hundred kilometers without needing a plug point to charge. However, you need to lower the range to 85 kms if you decide to drive in the air-conditioned environment. The battery takes only five hours to get back into the normal mode. The “fast charge” charging points installed at major cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore allow you to charge the battery to full in just an hour.


Engine of the new Mahindra E2o

The Lithium ion battery powers the DC motor which has a power output rating of 25.4bhp and 55Nm torque and this motor drives the rear wheels. The motor is also coupled to an automatic transmission and the vehicle can go up to the electronically-restricted 80kph.


You may expect this car worth city driving must have light steering but it is not so. There is no engine at the front to add weight to the front wheels and hence, it is also not too tough to deal with the speed at crawling speed. The brakes also do a great job and you enjoy nice and soft ride.

The exterior styling of Mahindra E2o

The styling front makes it much more attractive than the previous version Reva. However, while moving at the back, you may feel a little disappointed with the LED tail-lamps. The body panels are made of good quality color-impregnated plastic and it is tougher and scratch resistant and obviously much better than the one you deal with everyday. The fit and finish is descent and simple but uneven panel gaps on outside can never be ignored.

The unconventional interior

The unconventional black dashboard is the new addition with a two-DIN touchscreen multimedia system. It receives a blue backlight and also displays the necessary info about remaining battery percent, distance to empty and regular speed etc. However, the instrumental cluster is just the conventional. The vehicle is available with power windows and electric mirrors as standard; however, the optional is leather upholstery and alloy wheels.


Price of the Mahindra E2o

This car offers an eco-friendly drive at 5.96 lakh and also, no fuel cost and carbon dioxide emission.

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