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What To Check In A Used Car in delhi For Purchase?


A used car in Delhi could be good or bad. It depends on your luck. Yes, we know you are spending your hard earned money to buy your dream car, probably your first car, and we are here to help you buy the best fit and the fittest used car available in the market. Ok, so you have gone through the entire research process and decided on the car but wait! On what basis have you decided to buy the chosen car? Have you chosen it in terms of some essential parameters? Read on to find out these crucial factors you need to check out in the used car you are eyeing.

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Checking the Exteriors and Interiors
It is very important to see the car in daytime and night time. Some flaws you may not see in the night while some issues you may not face while test driving in the morning...

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Ford Fiesta : A deeper Look


Ford Fiesta REVIEW


The Ford Fiesta is progression from the old Ford Icon. The new Ford Fiesta is very different from the old car. The old Ford icon had not received many accolades; however from the little few that it did receive it was due to the old name of Ford Motors attached to it. Even the Fiesta has been criticised for being pricey for the features it comprises of and is said to be tough to handle.

Ford Fiesta Review

This new Ford Fiesta is built on a completely new platform and intends to target the women and youngster audiences, the more motivated kinds.  Here are a few specifications that will help you resolve whether you should or should not purchase it.


The Ford Fiesta is known for its quick pick and acceleration making it a fast car. The car reaches 100 Km/hour at 12...

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