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Comparing the features of Hyundai i10 and i20


i10 vs i20 REVIEW

The South Korean car maker, Hyundai has earned a reputable place in the market by launching two of its most popular variants. Terrific styling and host of new attractive features with powerful engines have pushed the sale of these two models since its launch. With a few segment differences and unbeatable features, these cars left buyers confused over what to choose for their garage. To ease the problem to a certain extent, we bring to you a comparison of i10 and i20 on the basis of interior, exterior, features, engine, price and mileage.


Comparing the Interior

Hyundai i10: This sporty small car is known for comfortable and exhilarating features like dual tone dashboard along with the use of dark aluminum inserts...

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Fiat Punto – the car with fine touches



The third generation of the Punto, internal name Project 199, was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2005. The Grande Punto had made its way in the Indian market in June 2009 but the actual launch was delayed in India mainly to strengthen its dealer network across the country. The brand has always been optimistic about the reviews of the car even before its launch in the country.

FIAT Punto Review

The ultimate design:
This new line shares the platform with the Linea, and has been developed in cooperation with the legendary designer Giugiaro of Fiat Style Centre and Ital Design. Fiat Punto has been designed basically on the SCCS platform and is known for its aggressive design with lots of Italian flair that is clearly reflected...

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Ford Escape – the new car of fantasy



2013 has been a great transforming year for the new Ford Escape that undergone an extensive redesign. It is a good budget car for small families who look for descent storage and good comfort options. The new efficient engine has the power to run through highway and small town.

Ford Escape Review
The astonishing exterior of Ford Escape
The older boxy profile of the Ford has been replaced by the wonderful sleek capsule design. Smaller slatted grille on the front along with large lower shuttered air dams that open and close during driving to improve wind resistance and fuel efficiency, enhance the overall look of the car. A crease along the side adds more to its stylish look. The power lift gear is the ultimate source of pride in this new car...

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Display style while going green with new Mahindra E2o



It is an electric car brought into existence by the Mahindra Reva Electric Car Company. Though it is a big invention but the question is if India is ready for this new launch? Mahindra E2o is, however, gaining new place in the industry. The war over petrol or diesel car will see a hold as the battery powered car is ready to give you a break from ever-rising fuel cost.

Mahindra E2o Review

Features and specifications

This new battery powered car is the newer version of the Reva and the same guys have updated the machinery to add more power to the vehicle and have launched their invention by the name of E2o. The great vehicle is made at the state-of-the-art manufacturing unit of Mahindra (Bangalore).

The vehicle is being powered by lithium ion battery and it can go for hundred kilometers with...

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